First week in Deutschland!

Wow, so this is my first blog ever and I’m so confused on how to use it. Hope I’m doing this right. Well I landed in Frankfürt around 7 a.m. after six grueling hours on the plane, then had to take a train to my town and didn’t end up at my town till 7:30 p.m. Then i basically ate and slept 12 hours. I’m already going to the Einstein Gymnasium, I’m in 11th grade…..again. No it’s really great. I’m in most of the same classes with my host sister Lea. Today I had Biology and it was the first class were I knew what was going on. But that might have been because I was sitting in between Lea (who speaks a little english) and the half-american boy Colin who was an exchange student in California and can speak perfect English =]. So I’m also taking a German course that should hopefully bring me up to speed here. I never knew that trying to understand and speak a foreign language would be so tiring. I think I’ve reverted back to being a toddler. Im taking naps in between classes. But I’m very busy, so sorry if I’m not as “in touch” with everybody. This weekend is packed. There’s a festival in my town Rheda so we’re going to that on Friday. On saturday I’m going to an amusement park with Lea and her friends. Then on Sunday I have an AFS meeting. Well my town is beautiful and my bike ride to my German course in the morning is about 15 minutes, a workout, up hill and everything, but it’s through parks and gardens so I’ll have to take pictures and put them up. Any who, I don’t think I should stay on my laptop anymore that I already have been so I should wrap this up. I miss everybody and kind of, maybe, just a little bit, miss NT. I’ll write more later! Tschüss!


2 responses to “First week in Deutschland!

  1. Nicole. This is great, I get to read about how much fun you’re having every single day! haha, and you better keep me up to date on facebook as well. i miss you so much. hurry back – but i guess, have a good time while you’re there:]

  2. that bike ride sounds nice =] keep writing! i’m enjoying living vicariously through you ;] just kidding.

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