Nothing to do this week…

My headphones for my iPod are falling apart.  They still work, but all the cushy stuff is falling off….

So I dont start in school til next week; this week Ive mostly been going out with my family and hanging out at home (thats why I may seem to be online a bit too much…).  My host brother and I are going to see Batman this weekend in the “Kino” (movie theatre).  Im pretty excited.

All of you, excluding Nicole, should be jealous of where I get to live for the year.  I feel like the luckiest person on Earth.  Heres a picture of the main part of my town, Obernburg am Main.

Its gorgeous.  Everything is old, and all the streets are cobblestone.  But at the same time, everything is efficient and modern while still preserving the old feeling of the town.  I love it.

Yesterday my host mom took me to get a library card.  Im reading some book in German; hopefully Ill be able to get through it 🙂 We also went out for dinner.  We had something called döner.  Its Turkish, and something like a Gyro.  Heres a photo.

It was awesome.

One last thing: Im now addicted to a drink called “Apfelschorle.” Its apple juice, but carbonated.  Its the best thing ever invented, pretty much.


One response to “Nothing to do this week…

  1. hey! so nice picture taking skills. looks like youve got a pretty nice camera there =] it also sounds like youre having a lot of fun which is good, of course. i sat next to your friend steve in an assembly today lol. it was a good time. keep in touch!

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