It’s Been Awhile…

German Exit Sign

German Exit Sign

Well.  I’ve been pretty busy lately, with school and my German Course and everything lately… It’s kinda hard to fit everything, really.  When I do get online, it’s normally late and I’m too tired to really contribute anything.  I will try to keep up better though…

Anyways.  I guess I’ll talk about the bus system today.

Forget anything you’ve heard about the efficiency of the German bus system.  The train system is wonderful.  Always on time, quiet, clean, comfortable… The bus, however, the bus is a different story.  First of all, it is never on time- When you are late, it is 5 minutes early.  When you are early, it comes sometimes 10 minutes late.  Unlike in America, there is not a bus stop on every street corner.  At some points, the bus stops are close to half a mile away from each other.  If you miss your stop, forget it.  Better to get to the bus station, and take the next available bus back to your stop.  It’s quicker than walking.

Second, the bus drivers.  Here, they are more unfriendly than anyone else I have encountered so far.  I have asked several of them whether or not I was on the right bus.  The answer I got was pretty much: “Why the hell don’t you know whether or not this is the right bus?” Both times it turned out to be the WRONG bus and I ended up having to walk a half hour to get home.  Fun times.  Also, I thought this was interesting, it is ILLEGAL to talk to the driver while they’re driving.  Illegal.  In America, I’ve had full conversations with the driver and they are usually very helpful and very friendly.

Funny story about the bus from a few days ago.  I was on the bus, coming home from the city at about 9:00.  It was dark outside and bright inside the bus, so there was a huge glare on the windows and I couldn’t see.  I wasn’t sure where my stop was, and was really worried I was going to miss it (as stated above, I would’ve had to walk a half mile to get home again).  I had with me my bookbag and a shopping bag.  In the shopping bag was my new forty Euro jeans and my digital camera.  Naturally, when I realized my stop was the next one, I rushed off the bus, relieved not to have missed my stop.

I was about half way home when I realized I had, of course, left the shopping bag on the bus.

Two minutes later I was in the car with my host mom, driving 90mph to the bus station in the dark and rain.  Luckily, we made it before the bus left again for the city… Good luck, I guess 🙂

Crisis averted!

It’s very strange, though.  Back home, I was a pro at the bus.  Here, I feel totally lost.  But I’m sure that will come with time.

On a different note, I took some cool pictures at AFS camp last weekend.  There was a very cool park in Darmstadt and I got some really good pics there.


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