Finally, some pictures.

I finally got my hands on some pictures!

The first three are some pictures of Wiedenbrück, a part of my town. My town is divided into two sections. There is Rheda, where I live and go to school. And there is Wiedenbück where I take my German course every morning.

Last Thursday I went “Adventure Golfing” with my sister and a few friends. This was a long waited outing and it was worth all the hype and wait. 🙂 Adventure Golf was putt-putt except more in the woods with creeks and hills. We never really could stay on the green but it didn’t matter because it was adventure.

I also traveled to Münster and now have the photos.                                                                This is the Dom in Münster.


3 responses to “Finally, some pictures.

  1. Hi Nicole – I am glad you’re having a good time. Golf looks like a lot of fun. Mr Young and I want a copy of the one-man-band picture – it is stunning. Great lighting and composition!

  2. Hey, you weren’t kidding when you said Muenster was gorgeous!

  3. Nikki, this building Muenster is breathtaking, just like u.

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