It’s already been a month and a half…

Our German course group took a field trip!

Our German course group took a field trip!

It seems like I’ve had so much going on lately I didn’t even realize how long I’ve been here.  A month and a half already… The year is going to go by fast.

I’ve found some stuff to do to keep myself busy here.  I’m joining the local ice hockey team ( which is so small we can’t even play games; we just train) and I’ve started drum lessons because I couldn’t afford a bass and an amp and all the little stuff that has to go with that.  All I needed for drums was sticks and a practice pad; cost me about 20 euro.  Better yet, I got a whole set of hockey equipment for free.  The club I joined has like a “Community equipment closet” ( Why not; there’s only like 9 of us 🙂 ), so the coach helped me dig around and find complete set of pads to use for the year, including skates in my size and a hockey bag.  Who knew I’d even find a hockey team here, let alone be able to play for next to nothing?
Other than that I’ve been going to school normally, although this Wednesday I had to stay home sick.  I have my German course in the city three times a week, and me and the other AFS students in the class hang out all the time.  This afternoon we went ice skating; it’s definitely funny watching a group of Latinos trying to ice skate for the first time 😉

I’ve finally made a few German friends at school now, as well, but I think it’s gonna take a while to truly feel really comfortable with them.  It still seems kind of stiff no matter how friendly I try to be, but I’m sure we’ll get to know each other better.

On a completely unrelated note, Turkish television is officially the worst television in the world.  The soap operas… ugh… Beverly Hills 90210 seems subtle and well-written compared to these things.  I don’t even have to understand what they’re saying to see the overacting and mellodrama…

One last thing for today: Add this link to your favorites; it’s my online photo stream/album.  The best photos will still end up here but all of them will be streamed there.


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